Visual Symbol

The great blue heron, visual symbol of the village, is one of Canada’s most spec tacular birds. It aptly symbolizes the marine and aquatic milieu along the shores of the Bay of Chaleurs.

The bird can be readily observed at low tide in the small coves that are found around Charlo. There, standing perfectly still and with infinite patience, it waits for a fish or a frog to come within range. With a lightning movement of its long neck, its bill, sharp as a lance, impales its victim. The bird then resumes immobility after having eaten its victim of begins walking slowly in the shallow waters of the Eel River of the Goulette Point lagoons. When bothered by visitors, it might sound its hoarse cries and fly away gracefully while pulling its neck in and nestling its head between its shoulders.

The great blue heron is a regular visitor to Charlo, coming back year after year to roost in the same nest. The presence of this beautiful bird in the lagoons in Charlo is testimony to the area’s peaceful welcoming nature.