Our Artists

Whether inspired by the river’s current or by the breeze of salt air, one thing is for certain: creativity flows through Charlo! Here is a list of artists and craftsmen who have lived or live Charlo:

Pierre-Guy Blanchard (Percussionist)

Étienne Levesque (Percussionist)

Mireille Blanchard (Comedian)

Simon Cauvier Goupil (Photographer)

Kevin McIntyre (Singer-Songwriter)

Monique Brown (Pottery)

Gilles Levesque (Comedian and Multidisciplinary Artist)

Michel Arseneault (Musician)

Clayton Callaghan (Violinist)

Cream Cheeze (Rock n’ Roll Band)

Florient Fontaine (Musician)

Leonard Mallais (Bluegrass Musician)

Alfred et Lucie Leblond (Violinist)

Edith Morris (Ballroom Dancing)

Antonia Levesque (Choir Director for Saint-François-Xavier Parish)

Jocelyne Blanchard (Multidisciplinary Artist)

Bernadette Levesque (Artist)

Edgar McIntyre (Artist)

Josette Levesque (Musician and Choir Director of Chante-Joie Choir)

Sheera Callaghan (Visual Artist)

Marjorie Levesque (Artist)

Francine Bernard (paintings)

Shirley Allard ( quilting)

Don McLean ( outdoor furniture)

Lisa Landry (paintings)

Edmond Landry ( writer)

Émilie Bernard