The municipal council for the Village of Charlo has approved the 2018 General Operating Fund Budget and the 2018 Water and Sewer Utility Operating Fund Budget during a special meeting which was held on December 20th , 2017.
The total budget for the General Operating Fund is $ 1 495 397 Non Tax Revenue of
$ 196 270 and Community Funding and Equalization Grant of $ 118 940 leaving a Warrant to be raised by a local rate of $ 1 180 187. The tax rate for 2018 will remain the same at 1.4506 per $100.00 of evaluation.

The total budget for the Water and Sewer Utility Operating Fund is $ 309 212 with revenues from own and other sources of $ 51 097 leaving a Net Budget to be raised from user charges of $258 115.

The water and sewerage will remain the same as last year.
Water $231.00/yr. or quarterly billing of $57.75 .
Sewerage $300.00/yr. or quarterly billing of $75.00
This means that a residence with both services will pay a yearly amount of $ 531.00 or billed a quarterly amount of $ 132.75.