With the arrival of spring, many of us have started planning this year’s renovation or construction projects. Whether the installation or renovation of a deck, a fence, a swimming pool or the construction of a new home, there are standards applicable to your project that will help ensure the health and safety of the users, and ensure an improved or maintained living standard for yourselves (as property owners) and of your neighborhood. These standards are implemented and ensured through the building and development permit process. Is a permit required for your project?

The Restigouche Regional Service Commission Planning Division, in partnership with the Village of Charlo, oversees the implementation of land use planning services including, among others, building permitting and inspection. If you are planning a project, or if you have any questions relative to your proposal, we encourage you to contact a representative of the Restigouche RSC Planning Division. It will be their pleasure to work with you on the planning and development of your property.

Planning Division