Emergency Measures – Important Questionnaire

In 2013 a very important questionnaire was sent to all residents in the municipality for emergency planning through the services of Sentinel Systems Ltd. This program was developed with the feedback and guidance of emergency professionals in all levels of government.  The objective of this program is to rapidly alert all citizens and to be able to respond to emergency situations (for example, in the event of a disaster; natural or man-made or an evacuation).

If any changes were made in your residence since 2013 (ex: – new residents, # of persons in your household, address, email, pets, heating systems, persons with special needs), we would appreciate if you could complete  a new questionnaire available on the Village of Charlo website www.villagecharlo.com or at the municipal office so that updates can be made to the system.  The completed questionnaire may be return at the municipal office.

EMO- Questionnaire – Jan. 2017

We thank you for your co-operation regarding this very important matter.

Yours truly,

Village of Charlo & Charlo Fire Department