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Mini Concert of the Choir

The Chorale Saint-François Xavier de Charlo is ready for the mini concert that will be presented on

Sunday August 5th at 10:30 before the solemn mass of the Centennial at 11:00 at the Charlo Church.

Welcome to all!

Members will take a leave of repetitions and Saturday mass for the summer. However the choir will

sing at funerals and will be back for the Fall Fair. Have a great summer!


Garbage Collection

For you information

The Village of Charlo would like to advise residents that the company B & S Lavallée will begin their weekly garbage collection pick-up at 5:00 am. Please make sure that your garbage is placed by the road prior to that time.

Cornerstone Centennial Festivities

Paroisse SFX

Debit Machine

The Village of Charlo would like to inform you that you can now pay your water & sewerage invoices, building permits, etc…. with your debit card at the municipal office.


The council of the Village of Charlo offers two $300 scholarships to grade 12 students who will be continuing their post-secondary education
this fall. The draw will be done at council’s special meeting in June.

All personal information will be kept confidential. Any incomplete form will be rejected. Only one form per student will be accepted. The properly completed form must be received prior to the 2nd Friday of the month of May..


Registration form

Budget 2018

The municipal council for the Village of Charlo has approved the 2018 General Operating Fund Budget and the 2018 Water and Sewer Utility Operating Fund Budget during a special meeting which was held on December 20th , 2017.
The total budget for the General Operating Fund is $ 1 495 397 Non Tax Revenue of
$ 196 270 and Community Funding and Equalization Grant of $ 118 940 leaving a Warrant to be raised by a local rate of $ 1 180 187. The tax rate for 2018 will remain the same at 1.4506 per $100.00 of evaluation.

The total budget for the Water and Sewer Utility Operating Fund is $ 309 212 with revenues from own and other sources of $ 51 097 leaving a Net Budget to be raised from user charges of $258 115.

The water and sewerage will remain the same as last year.
Water $231.00/yr. or quarterly billing of $57.75 .
Sewerage $300.00/yr. or quarterly billing of $75.00
This means that a residence with both services will pay a yearly amount of $ 531.00 or billed a quarterly amount of $ 132.75.

Fall Fair 2018

The first meeting for the 45th edition of the Charlo Fall Fair was held on January 17th 2018. We are still looking for a secretary and a treasurer (must use the programs Word and Excel). If you are interested in joining the Charlo Fall Fair team, please join us at our next meeting which will be held on Tuesday February 13th at 7pm at the ACA (site of the festival).
Anyone that is not able to attend the meeting and that still wishes to do some volunteer work can communicate with the Village of Charlo at 684-7850 or by e-mail at:

Fire Hydrants

Important Message — Message important
It was brought to our attention that some residents clear their snow and dump it on fire hydrants. It is very important that the hydrants remain accessible in case of emergencies.
Thank you for your cooperation!
Village of Charlo

Restigouche RSC – Solid Waste Division Déchets Solides

Waste reduction :
In 2016, 499.59 tons of garbage was collected in the Village of Charlo. In 2017, 535.62 tons of garbage was collected in the Village of Charlo. It is an increase of 7.2% which represents an additional amount of $3 597.62 compared to the previous year. An amount of $54, 165.26 was paid to the transfer station in 2017.
We would like to encourage the population to make recycling part of their daily routine. We hope that you will continue to reduce, reuse, and recycle which is a mean of contribution to protecting the environment for future generations.


The Village of Charlo invites you to benefit of 2 wellness passes available free of charge at Les Aventuriers Ski Club.
Each passes gives you access to all the trails, summer and winter. Furthermore, you get free rental of all equipment for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, roller skating and Nordic pole walking!
It is suggested that reservations are made in advance for these passes and for equipment rental.
Tel: (506) 826-9243 Email:

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